Scale back the score goals to cluster

  • National team: Paraguay
    Main threat: scale back the score goals to cluster
    Argentina within the americas cup is that the 1st to throw the ball from the ocean. Valdes's shot.All this appears to be in portend?The fifa 17 ultimate coins player of front of metropolis goalkeeper valdes constant name, appears to Argentina planted the seeds of failure.

    Nightmare # 2: barrios
    National team: Paraguay
    The main threat:
    The cluster play goal equaliser
    Reduce the score goals to semi-finals
    Former Evergrande striker is that the americas cup solely 2 games the players against Argentina.His goals is that the 1st cluster, let Argentine Republic three fifa 17 ultimate team coins into a.And another is within the semi-finals, he scored a slender score goals.Although later Paraguay or within the magnitude relation of one to six result lost the sport.But he appearance smart.

    The ultimate nightmare: bravo
    National team: Chile
    Level a nightmare: final penalty fighting save from Argentina, the penalty
    Sure enough, a nightmare from like metropolis goalkeeper before the name "valdes" open it.By the important metropolis goalkeeper bravo to a fatal blow.Argentina lad door terribly challenging to Fifa seventeen Points Account  get the ultimate.While standing before of them is metropolis fifa 17 points account goalkeeper bravo.Bravo destroyed Lionel messi and Argentina's prime dream with each hands.Lionel messi and his Argentina looked as if it would recall the Germanic that summer in 2006 lehman.The Argentine 2 years in international competition within the final defeat to rivals.

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