Real Madrid is close to sign Vallejo

  • Real Madrid is close to sign Vallejo

    According to the fifa 18 coins news from Spanish broadcasting station Onda Cero, Real Madrid is very close to sign Zaragoza’s teenager player Vallejo. This deal is possible to be completed this week.

    It is reported that Real Madrid would pay 6 million Euros of liquidated damage for Vallejo. It is worth mentioning that his liquidated damage is only 1.5 million Euros at the beginning of last season, rise to 4.5 million Euros during the season and then rise to 6 million Euros at the end of the season. Real Madrid may lease to other teams for one or two seasons after they sign him.

    Vallejo, 17 years old this year, is now one of the most promising center half back in Spain. Udinese Calcio S.p.A had made an offer for him, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Villarreal recently launched a battle for him.

    He played 33 matches on behalf of Zaragoza last season, including 29 starts and scoring 1 cheap fifa 18 coins goal for the team. He is the captain of Spanish U19 National Youth team. He won the European Championship title together with the national team a few days ago. Buy fut 18 coin from , cheap and fast!